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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Peddy Foggery

Straight to the BI Review Letters page where this week I'm sent reeling by the forthright comments over the Will-ful strewing of campaign signs.

'Poodle days of summer', indeed, as 'Permanent Guest' Sally Robison so accurately headlines it - clearly a reference to the plethora of blue and urine-yellow signage dotted around for our poodly pals' leg-cocking convenience.

Rum byline for our Sally: aren't there meant to be all sorts of clever sayings about perma-guests who stay longer than three days? No matter, with her forthright poodle reference, Sally hands me the perfect segue into Henchman Ølsen's indignant outburst on learning of the "no political sign" pact formed in the 'smoke-filled back rooms of power'.

  • Was Mr Peddy not enough of an insider to be told of this secret informal pact? he mopes.
  • Surely an early April Fool?
  • Apparently, the 'Public-Access Troika' did not consider full disclosure convenient or necessary.
  • Ouch, politics is so backhanded and unfair, even if it does yield marvelous coinage like 'public access troika'.

    But what answer to give the miffed Ølsen?

  • First off, what's the point of a secret pact if you're going to announce it to one and all, particularly an opponent such as the equally conniving Mr Peddy.
  • Second, it's open season on pols all year round. How slow things would be if we had to wait for April 1st to pull a fast one.
  • Finally, what would be the point of even mentioning such a pact-of-good taste to the likes of Pedder, the very embodiment of indiscriminate sign strewing and crass self-promotion? Just the way he's littered Bainbridge with eyesore signs speaks volumes for his casual contempt for us average-joe electorate and our quaint "Island way".

    As for all that Ølsenian gobbledy-gook about restraint "in inventing secret informal pacts on First Amendment rights for political speech", this surpasses Pedd-ocrisy.

    The campaign contributions story alone shows how invention and secrecy are the *bedrock* of the Coder's modus operandi , reeking of smokey backrooms. So what's with this expecting restraint from *others*?

    Peddy's methods may offend our code of morality, but that doesn't mean he has a monopoly on them.

    In fact, decent citizens I've asked have no idea of what the cove's up to. A straw poll reveals:

  • "The man uses a sexual pun for his campaign - *and* absolutely ghaastly Flash splash pages on his website".
  • "He seems to think it important to repeat the first word in a sentence, then say nothing of merit after."
  • Aside from poorly-executed railroad metaphors, what exactly does the Coder *stand* for? And wouldn't ferry motifs be more appropriate?

    Peddy Cash

    Another letter to the Review suggests we "follow the money":

    • Public records as of Aug 1st: show 17 Peddy-phile contributors handing over a restrained and far from im-pact-ful $7,500.
    • What is interesting however is *who* it's from:
      • Local contractors (9)
      • Architects (2)
      • Attorney (1)
      • Real Estate agency (1)
      • As representative a bunch as you could find of vital interests "in the commercial development of Bainbridge Island for profit", as the letter writer succinctly observes.
      • Not a single representative of the environment or the public good. Whither Mr Ølsen's smoke-filled backrooms now?
    And once our Will has had his way and been swept to the peddy-stal of power? Who shall have his ear then?

    Well, if I was one of that 13 who'd unloaded dosh in Peddy's direction, I'd be pretty cross if my way ahead wasn't as smoothly concreted metaphorically as I'd been led to believe it would be literally.

  • Comments:
    With every day that goes by without Peddy firing Olsen, especially given Jimmy's penchant for mouthing off on the Bainbridge Buzz, I worry more about Will's sanity.

    Peddy's record so far: hiring Olsen -- bad. Keeping Olsen -- worse.
    Heh heh. V good point ref Øllie still on the job. I must check out the BBuzz mouthings.

    Good to see the BI Review Letters Ed is on the side of the angels and not averse to sinking to such underhand tactics as printing the Ø-man's for cruelly wider readership.
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