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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Save the Gormleys

It's so unlike me to run anything charitable or kindly that I'm positively glowing with self-satisfied pride at giving space to the Gormley's deportation woes.

Of course, I'm only doing it to ensure that others do the same for me when my pink card expires some time in 2005 and the jackbooted lackies of the INS come for me.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Customer Focus

Email from Teresa who seems to have landed a new job she wants to taunt me about, me 'owning' customer service, and all ...

Seems like la T has landed herself a cushy number as 'Assistant Director, Customer Focus, for the London Borough of Islington. Salary (get this), £61,272 - £72,408.00 (and T ain't telling where they settled on). At £1.8104 to the almight $, I'd say she's tucking into the upper end of $36,000.00 plus nauseating add ons. Speaking of nauseating, here's how the opening was pitched:

"Do you relish the challenge of a high-profile senior role with a key strategic element, but with the benefit of a 17.5 hour week (Mon, Tue and Wed)? Due to the council's commitment to work-life balance and family-friendly policies, a job share opportunity has arisen for an Assistant Director of Customer Focus (Strategic Customer Services) ... all benefits associated with working for local government incl 27 days annual leave (pro rata) and generous final salary pension scheme."
Job share? Not if I know la tigressa Teresa - it'll be hers alone within the month.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Stormy Monday

And by Hermes, this time they called it right: The Dick Clarke book: brilliant launch by what has to be one of the best book PR coups for many a moon. Props to that publicity team.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Keep the change - $998,325.00

I didn't even know there was a $1M note. There isn't.

Chutzpah props to the lady who tried to pass one off.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

Vienna Teng

To the trusty Moore Theatre, Friday soir of the 5th, there to see Mistress Baez perform "current" ditties but actually to hear Vienna Teng live.

A triumph: that gal is going to go far, and i'm glad to read the P-I actually having something informed and sensible to say.

Took my second choice companion, being too cowardly to risk rebuff by CB. Frivolously mentioning my regret that C and I were on different planets, SCC rounded on me with the stern reminder that only *I* was on Planet Holmes. Everyone else moves perfectly comfortably, thank you, on Earth's terra firma and should not be thought to share my flimsy grasp of reality or truth.

She's quite right: sorry, CB.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

martha stew'd

I can't take it - heart-breaking verdict.

And Blodgett in Slate

March 9: Aha! but what's this? Mart's Memoirs likely to fetch a packet ... the show goes on.

All the same, I toss at night thinking of my adored Martha at the mercy of those prisonnière bulls.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Fender Bender 50th

My first glimpse of that most glorious of solid body guitars was in Hank B Marvin's hands as lead guitar with Cliff's (now Sir Cliff, the Bible-fondling old fart) band, The Shadows.

I had to have one. Cost no consideration, and four years later I splurged my entire pocket money on a second-hand beauty in sunburst.

Leo's baby is 50 this year. One of the great contributions to music.

Unglimpsed on wedding day

Bought Nick Hornby's How to be Good for Georgina who has been urging me to read it myself.

Full of good quotes and 'insights', dammit. Of which I will include a chapter when I have the time.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Swimming Pool - what happened?

Always liked Charlotte Rampling - as a Sixties icon vedette she was the ultra-sexy classy bird with the grey eyes and hooded lids who took the kinky parts.

Enjoyed Ozon's Swimming Pool with CR the older lady and Ludivine Sagnier perfect as the spectacularly bosomed and generally balls-tightening minx.

But what the hell did it mean? At the end, wha' the hell had happened?

As a post-script, we are clearly entering the years when major babes of yesteryear are now the older women: Jamie Lee Curtis in "Freaky Friday" as Ms Lohan's mom having to mouth the words "I'm the crypt keeper!" and here in 'Pool', the easy-rutting Mademoiselle Sagnier suggesting that La Rampling was a dried husk who'd never fooled around.

I age.

New(d)s Reader

It's all in the timing, innit?

Umpteen years I spent in Hong Kong and the local TV was dull as ditch water.

Soon as I leave, what do they do? Only have some tasty Asian babe disrobe as she delivers the news.

Cor! With that sort of visual, even I might even pay attention to whazzup with the world.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Sound and Fury

Don't you love stories like this? Kraut's klaxon courtship needles neighbor with hub-bub bonking.

Fat chance of the noise abating. As word spreads of our lad's 4-hour sessions, there'll be a stream of frisky fraüleins offering to keep up the cacophony.

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