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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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In a child-killer's shoes

Another bleeding heart novelist:

  • Eleven-yr-old Josie kills member of family *plus* bevy of strangers
  • À la Venables and Thompson, gets new name and ID
  • Struggles to rebuild life and become someone else - someone good.
  • Blah blah ...
  • Surprise surprise, the catalyst for this story was the 2001 release of Venables and Thompson, about whom the author yaks,

    "Like everybody I felt desperately sorry for James Bulger's family, but I also felt sorry for Thompson and Venables ... I'm not making excuses, and I'm not ignoring the victims either, but the children who perpetrated the crimes are victims too. The clear fact that a child can commit a horrific crime lets you know that something has gone terribly, terribly wrong in their life."

    The bit I love is when author Glover trots out,

    "My children were talking about Thompson and Venables all the time with their friends ... that made me think it was something children would actually want to read about.."

    What, *all* the time? Images of those delightful Chas. Addams children.

    And of course, the *real* Venables and Thompson - Google Alerts set firmly on monitoring what they hoped by now would be *fading* interest in their case - must be going bananas at this fanning of the flames.

    A whole new generation of readers now encouraged to wonder where *are* they now?

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