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Saturday, February 12, 2005

venables & thompson

Venables ~ Thompson: Murder Foul

James Bulger, RIP

Spare a thought on this day for masters Venables and Thompson.

On Feb 12 1993, these two 10-yr-olds led Jamie Bulger (2) away from a Liverpool shopping mall on a 2½ mile walk. They stopped now and then to torture him, finally reaching a railway track where they kicked him, threw stones at him, rubbed paint in his eyes ... and other unmentionable viciousness.

They then left the beaten body on the tracks for a train to run over and conceal the mess.

press headlineThe killers are out there under hidden names and a protective injunction, but I'd like to think this date rankles with them as an uncomfortable memory.

I've posted on this before - and advance apologies for any dud links I send you to - but it does no harm to honour Jamie's memory on this precise day of infamy.


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