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Saturday, February 11, 2006

jason whitton, Liquid Lounge

Jason Whitton

First I review talented country crooner Jason Whitton's fine Thriftstore Cowboy album with its hypnotic opening track, "Alibi".

Next, friendly informative "Jack" posts a helpful comment, that

"JW's a real deal too. Plays and writes his own music. His own lyrics too.

Saw him play recently and was hooked. One of the few people that can play, sing in tune and his jokes are actually funny.

Quieting a room full of drunks with Sunflower was rather impressive."

Then I muse aloud on how nice it would be to have the full chords to Alibi, and lo! Next thing, I know JW's attentive marketing maven has brought my plight to The Man himself, who writes in,

"Hey there -- This is Jason Whitton.

I heard it through the grapevine that you were looking for the chords to Alibi. Thanks for the cool review, by the way.

So, you've pretty much got them. First of all, I've got my guitar capo'd on the 4th fret. Verse - C/G to G sus.

Chorus - E min to A min

Bridge- It starts with "And you'll ask me for forgiveness" - I believe you call it G/B, what I'm playing there. Then for the next chord, you just drop your index finger from the low E string down to the A string - "Now I'm asking for forgiveness" - because I'm not sure of the name, but you repeat those chord changes twice through the bridge.

Then, "And I'll pray for your clarity" is considered the third verse, which begins with the C/G again.

I hope this is not too confusing. I hear you're going on a trip. Safe travels. Hope to hear from you soon!!



The sort of thing to make one's day, and make *me* even more determined to noise Whitton's skill abroad ... which reminds me, better look up the Greek for "Alibi"

Now from this courteous bunch, a further friendly Comment from the excessively talented Jon Mattox, wishing me a

"Hi Busker. Thanks for the kind words about Jason's album.

The typo on my blog has been addressed, and those responsible have been shot.

Late night HTML haze, I suspect."

Talk about a star-studded blog - when I bring out my fluting Oxford-accented cover album of the best of Whitton, I'll have my sleeve notes right there in my 24K comments.

Thinks (bubble bubble)  ... I'll need backing to do justice to my JW rip-off, and I can just see accountant Pericles' eyebrows rocketing as he ponders the cost of flying out a full complement of top session dudes.

I'll tell him, Relax - just one ticket, for Kyrios Mattox, and we'll have more talent in the Greek isles than has been known since Homer laid down that killer lyre soundtrack to the Iliad.

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