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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

2 candles

Birthday Bowl

Feb 4 saw the ageometer click over to three-score years, 'pon my soul.

Offspring and lovers are kind enough fib that I look not a day wrinklier than 59, and I choose to believe them.

candleWith whom better to celebrate such a terrifying milestone than my own Grade A Honorette spitfire?

I had plans to splash a bit of dosh around, thanks to all the rejected novels that booksellers won't buy but which turn out to be worth a bit online.

Cursory feelers point to my sitting on an unsold library around the conservative $800 mark. Let the bidding frenzy begin.

ronnie woodNothing but the best for me and my gal, and I'd planned a Madoka nosh-up and Nanny McPhee at the good old Pav'. (Speaking of McPhee, why are folks like IMDb consistently unhorsed in their misuse of "reign" as in "Governess Nanny McPhee uses magic to reign in the behavior of seven ne'er-do-well children in her charge"?

Emma Thompson: That Ms E! How I fancy her.

Glorious moments on a recent chat show when she was punting the movie:

  • There was a studio fire while E was in her Nanny gear. Up rolled buff fire fighting dudes, at which Emma started flirting like a badger ("And what's *your* name? And which fire station are *you* from?"), forgetting that she was in full grotty warty McPhee gear.LOL.
  • Disarming grump by ET about it taking longer to make her up to look glam for the chat shows than for her Nanny look. Gosh, that lady is fanciable.

    Back to the partying and movie-ing: Of course, an enronian wind blew us no good and we were left powerless in Gaza which totally befuddled Young Miss who lives her life according to 'lectricity.

    Instead, I served cold cuts and salad and three different puddings in between which we read from improving tracts or I plucked the guitar across my Dowland repertoire.

    cold cut bday luncheonTo the Spitfire's horror, we were also reduced to "conversing" on my approaching departure and the loneliness of long-distance fathering.

    From the day our first daughter emerged into the San Antonio sunlight, I've nursed the fond image of grilling boyfriends and sitting up late at night, horse whip on lap. awaiting the nervous tread of a late-delivered darling home from some den of sin.

    Alas, I shall be deprived that pleasure, unless their mother agrees to the strategic placing of webcams etc.

    The Game: I'm not a football fan but I tuned in for the commercials so I saw that Ben Roethlisberger TD on a third-down rollout. Duude - talk about short of the goal line! You *saw* him furtively slide the ball over the line.

    We wuz robbed.

    metrion coffeeMetrion: Our fave coffee shop, what with it being round the corner from the Glass Onion music emporium.

    Their staff are friendly and informed and I wish the landlords would at least allow some decent signage in return for the crippling rent.

    Natch, Her iPodness got on the phone to check the scene over in queensiest Anne (Dan and Joanne are a "couple"; Ted is out; Louisa has dumped Brandon and is waiting for Russell to get the hint and ask her out - Ms Spitfire's forte, meanwhile (so *she* says) chapless herself. Hrrmph - like yeh, not if the looks she gets in Safeway are owt to go by)

    Super Bowl Commercials: I enjoyed them and thank-you whoever re-ran that commercial with the bosomy bra-strap busting babe.

    Hef n babesHef: Really! That Mr Hefner and his trio of blond chicks, the goat.

    Years back, I was playing the guitar in the Windsor Castle pub up Baker Street when a vicuna-collared smoothie customer handed me his card and offered a job plinking in one of their lounges. It didn't last, I didn't pay earn my £19 per night but I met some wonderful customers, acted as go-between for some lucrative liaisons, and my 2am suppers with the girls was fun and joy.

    I was way below the radar of the Bunnies but when my book PR career took off and I attended some posh parties frequented by the moneyed punters, it was an ego-trip to turn up with some of the dazzling ladies with whom I'd kept in touch.

    The trick was to gauge my indignation at having my companion seduced away by some Player: not too vociferous but not too compliant.

    keef RGood times. Years later when I could afford to dine in the hot spots, arch unsmiling beauties would sashay in and then come rushing over to my table for a hug and a "You must meet my husband, Lord Wotsis-Face."

    Clearly no competition or any part of the gal's history, I'd be introduced as an old friend, one of the *Yorkshire* Holmeses, and of course Belinda or Saskia or Juliet would make sure her sugar dad sent over a bottle of the best.

    mick jThe Stones: Stroke of brilliance to have Mick et co do the half-time music, and I loved the news that none of the footballers could name a single single by the boys.

    Mick fit and cavorting as ever, the bastard.

    soloKeef looking like death warmed up and blasting it on the guitar.

    Wonderful, brilliant. What a band.

    Monday lunch: D threw his usual magnifico BBQ with steaks of the best and single malts flowing.

    The totally foxy B was present.

    I'd brought along my Jason Whitton review copy that D played non-stop and everyone loved.

    B and I danced close and found that, in the immortal words of the Whitton song, "we're not so different....

    Boast script: Speaking of Jason Whitton, check out who is honoring this blog with a friendly informative comment. Right on, dude - JW himself.

  • Comments:
    oh happy birthday!
    Hey there--

    This is Jason Whitton. I heard it through the grapevine that you were looking for the chords to Alibi. Thanks for the cool review, by the way.
    So, you've pretty much got them. First of all, I've got my guitar capoed(sp?)on the 4th fret. Verse- C/G to Gsus Chorus- Emin to Amin
    Bridge- It starts with "And you'll ask me for forgiveness"- I believe you call it G/B, what I'm playing there. Then for the next chord, you just drop your index finger from the low E string down to the A string. Now I'm asking for forgiveness, because I'm not sure of the name, but you repeat those chord changes twice through the bridge. Then, "And I'll pray for your clarity" is considered the third verse, which begins with the C/G again.
    I hope this is not too confusing. I hear you're going on a trip. Safe travels. Hope to hear from you soon!!

    Jason - what an honor and thanks so much for the chords. i had most of it licked - capo on 4th and the Em Am but it was the sneaky Gsus that my ear and fingers were straining for as well as the G/B formula.
    Great! I'm good to go - and am in fact on my way soon to London where I shall be playing yr album to all my pals not to mention 'alibi' in all the clubs.
    What a gent you are to have replied so courteously an in such detail. Best wishes - Chris
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