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Saturday, January 07, 2006

glass onion

Glass Onion

How long has it been up, that website for Bainbridge's very own Glass Onion emporium to the musical gentry?

What I've always liked is how friendly and learnèd everyone is: It's entirely thanks to the Guv'nor that my collection of Frisell is so complete and my background knowledge of each album's engineering and samplings etc so impressive.

I won't insult you by explaining the shop's name. Of course you all remember John's growly:

"I told you about strawberry fields,
You know the place where nothing is real.
Well here's another place you can go,
Where everything flows.
Looking through the bent backed tulips,
To see how the other half live.
Looking through a glass onion.
I told you about the walrus and me-man,
You know that we're as close as can be-man.
Well here's another clue for you all,The walrus was Paul."

Nice clean site, useful forward-looking section of what they're getting in when.

Check it out. Order. Visit the bricks 'n' mortar, purchase, enjoy a coffee in the Metrion cafeteria as you ogle the tourists trudging thru the rain.

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