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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Paul Hewson

Speaking of quotes and apostrophes, interesting Dec 26 issue of Time with cover story featuring Melinda and Bill Gates *and* poverty-pummeling singer, Paul "Bono" Hewson, yet again photographed in trendy pink-eye specs, gravitas  demeanor, and looking even more like a slim-faced Robin Williams.

But some nice quotes, such as the one in the page 65 'Interview', that

"It's tricky if you're recording a vocal to get called out because there's a finance minister on the phone.

It's hard explaining that to the rest of the band
Great line.

*Le bon Hewson sings with the 'U2' combo.

Mono Moniker : Either it's my eye or Time's editors' but I didn't spot a single reference in any of the stories to Hewson's actual name, nor much consistency about quotes around that mono-nomenclatured nickname.

I looked him up for myself and "Bono" comes from "Bono Vox", a Dublin hearing-aid store.

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