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Friday, October 28, 2005

Tripping & Blogging

A suitably sharp rap over the knuckles from my commenting Mistress Anon, accurate as ever in her scolding.

Indeed, the aptness of her observation on mushrooming bloggers is reinforced daily across the expansive Web.

Bravo. Suitably chastened.

I don't know why, but even as I read her comment I was reminded of that Infinite Monkeys theory ...

Oh, I know why - because of that decisive coup de grâce wherein some wag declared *that* particular chestnut well and truly refuted since the arrival of blogging.

I have to confess that the champignonsense that caught Anon's eye was to have been even loonier.

I was saluting the Oct 26 Review for being a bumper bundle of fun, not just for the mayoral stuff and sonorous names in the Letters pages, but had intended to wax further tedious and adoring over page 12's coverage (complete with that superb snap by Julie Busch) of the divine Georgia Browne and her November's First Friday set.

little mjiss ten percent, georgia browne, foto: julie buschThe title may say that "She's 100 percent songwriter" but the piece itself is around 15% Georgia and the rest devoted to some strummer and blower called Eddie Williams, the last person I want to read about.

Actually, as I type, if you click on the Review link and keyword in "Georgia Browne" you'll see that the mischievous Eddie has arranged for the online version to dub her down to *Ten* percent. That boy is so-o-o asking for it.

That's what happens when one sends an interviewer with an eye for a hunk - one leer from designer-stubbled gravel-vox, a casual scrape of horny thumb across strings, and Ms Browne is out of the picture and it's all about The Man.

I would NOT have liked to have been in Williams' shoes when GB opened her paper over the breakfast kedgeree and saw how roundly she'd been scooped.

Yes, indeedy - the spare couch and no jam butties for *that* lost Angeleno.

November 4th Friday Night Live

Georgia and Eddie

Kick-off: 7:30

Island Center Hall, Miller Road

Tkts avail at door: $8 adults, $5 les petits 6-18.

Info' - 842-2306 xt 25

Sponsors: Bainbridge Island Park & Recreation District.

Be there.

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