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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bumper Review

The elusive ed of our Bainbridge Review is steering a dangerous course towards one of those journo awards that can screw a scribbler's career and leave him preening 'neath laurels.

Stunning Oct 26 edition:

Front page fotos of mayoral jousters Kordonwy and Tooloee in such gleaming smileage I can only assume they booked the lensman who snapped Mr. DeLay for his toothy confident mug-shot.

Q&A: Some great lines that I'm stealing from both to further my own weasely way up the corporate ladder.

kordonwyDarlene Kordonwy

nezam tooloeeNezam Tooloee

With a killer name like that, for me, he's a slam dunk to start with, never mind that confident stance and gamma-ray smile.

Plus, I am a total black-belt 6-stigmatized, ISO sucker for everything these business leaders bring ...

Just the name: same rhythm as Dylan's 'John Wesley Hardin' ... "was a friend to the poor, traveled with a gun in every hand ..."

NeeZAM Tooloee , biz man to the hilt,
Forged a cool consensus with broad base ... etc

Hypnotic buzz words in TN's Q&A:

Whoever wins or loses, I'm much more concerned with the immediate problem of answering my Hong Kong recording label who need a name for my "group" who recorded back in the 1960's such immortal local hits as "Time can toe the line", "KGV Blues", "Shek O Babe" and "Shau Kei Wan Shuffle"

Truth to tell, was me en tout: strummed drummed chorused n dummy doo-wahh'd the whole thang.

Knowing how every name under the sun has been nabbed, I've instructed Moutries Records to re-issue them as being performed by Vancil Renna, (featuring Knobloch Doerschuk on lute for "No Moss on the Singing Tree")

I know its mushroom season, but tripping and blogging just don't mix.
I'd respond with "Si monumentum" and all that - but that really *would* be tripping, to have the audacity to even whisper the name of Wren in a comment. But thank you for noticing.
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