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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pumpkin Dude 1

Pumpkin Dude Rides Again

No sooner do I lament the squishing and squashing of Pumpkin Dude than lo! he riseth to spook again.

Someone behind that red door is being totally hard-core Halloweenist and refusing to let passing vandals get the upper claw.

Imagine my sorrow the following morning, shuffling past with rheumy orbs averted from what I feared would be a grisly sight of strewn pumpkinnery across the sward sepia dude... mais non!

I almost sprang from my Guccis at the sight ...

Was this not an even ghoulisher  création ... spooky arms waving ... and just look  at that sinister stance - Frederick Krueger never leaned more menacingly ...

Expect monitorings and regular reports on this intriguing spectacle 'twixt now and the 31st ....

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