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Monday, October 17, 2005

Pumpkin Dude

Walking down Ericksen, I spot this impressively sprawling gentleman adorning the porch of a house I'd previously only noticed for its dilapidated appearance rivaling even that of Ch√Ęteau Busker.

pumpkin guy_1But someone has done a fine job here, arranging m'sieur into a life-like slouch and even surrounding him with authentic Halloweenery down to a spooky gossamer web arrangement.

The house looks almost as lifeless as the straw figure, but I do not approach to snap a close-up.

When I return an hour or so later, the Pumpkin Dude is crumpled flat out on the lawn, his head missing except for a squish of orangerie across the bare lawn.

Not even the humblest work of craftsmanship these days escapes the ravages of wanton vandalism.

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