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Sunday, September 18, 2005

marti stevens

Jeremy 'n' Brent

I missed Marti Stevens' Saturday afternoon concert at Bagels & Beans because I went off to buy a local paper and got distracted by the padded Peddy resumé brouhaha.

But if that was her on the CD player as we waited, she has a clear voice and nice clean sound and I'm sure albums were sold and a good time had by all.

brent & gross_spotlightNot to worry. Four hours later, the rafters rang again to merry strumming, this time to the ebullient duetting of Brent Grossman and Jeremy Rothbaum.

grossman and rothbaum

  • Choice melodies
  • Expert plucking
  • Harmony and syncopation.

    A jolly time had by all, confirmed by the uninhibited audience's ready and eager applause.

    audience_2The beautiful young much in evidence, captivated by the repertoire of popular ballads and unsurpassed musicianship.

    Latest amplification technology was in use to ensure audibility of voices and instruments.

    rothbaum audienceCoffee and victuals of the best served by genial hosts Lisa and John.

    During the thoughtful break, I wandered down to neighboring Island Grill to savor that slightly thrilling air of menace that exudes from its dimly lit crannies.

    According to the attractions listed, guitar virtuoso Peter Spenser was appearing there Friday *and* Saturday.

    What a musical corner that whole section is becoming, to be sure.

    Silver Screen doing a roaring trade in DVD rentals over on Hildebrand. I decide on that good old favorite, true gritJohn Wayne's 'True Grit' Academy-winning performance as the uncouth Rooster Cogburn hired by coltish Kim Darby to revenge her father's murder.

    Back in 1969, the relationship between the crusty Cogburn and nymphet Darby was regarded as sweet and endearing.

    Watching it today, even alone in my study, I roar with laughter at the trois-fois entendres

    The scene alone where the tonsorially dapper Glen Campbell gets to hold Ms Darby down in the dirt, the better to serially whap her pert derrière, is pure Kinsey/Freudian heaven.

    My other choice is Word Wars - 'Tiles and Tribulations on the Scrabble® Circuit' - which I watch with ghoulish fascination for the crazies who inhabit the upper slopes of success in this dictationarial joust.

    The documentary follows two particular nutters, the most extreme case being one Joel Sherman who has all sorts of maladies and is painfully ugly to look upon with his emaciated frame, balding crown and oversized conk. In fact, he totally resembles a Jeff Bezos on death's doorstep and I urge Mrs Bezos glimpse this movie and use it as incentive to keep hubby bulked up and vitamined.

    The other one is Marlon Hill, a black man with a rough tongue on him and the idiot perception that Scrabble is some devilish conspiracy by whitey to keep the Brothers down.

    There's an hilarious scene where this foul-mouthed wordplayer is hired to coach or mentor the local schoolkids and we see him desperately trying to recall what it's like to be in front of impressionable youth without every third naffing word being an oath..

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