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Friday, September 09, 2005

bagels store front

Bagels & Balls

I do admire the ballsy way Lisa and John have moved so decisively to establish Bagels & Beans as *the* rendez-vous for good live music on the Island.

First they take ownership of Friday night with these jam sessions that attract the crème-de-la-crème strummers, and now it seems they have Saturday soirs in their sights.

Miss Marti Stevens, no less, for the afternoon of Saturday 17th, followed that evening by messrs Grossman and Rothbaum. I'm withholding precise times because you can jolly well trot down there yourself and buy a vente mocha and check it out for yourselves.
dobro gene

Ooh, do let me shove in a totally irrelevant photo of the non-pareil and very genial Dobro Gene - hard to lure out of his musical hideaway but worth every swooping solo when you can hear him.

postersMs Stevens' gig schedule even shows the B&B date for that Saturday, and there's a lovely big poster on the door - so be there.

I've seen both Rothbaum and Grossman in action, each separately and as a duo, and they're well worth the detour.

Rothbaum was music teacher at my younger girl's school - when she *was* younger and a "girl" (sniff, reminisce, dab of eye) - and also at Seabold, and this guy is a dynamo entertainer. Music gushes from him.

guitar n fiddleBrent Grossman is a skilled technician on his intruments, doesn't smile much but that's allowed when you've reached that accomplishment on the frets. (No, that's neither of him to the right; I'm just shoving in a pic I like).

BG also boasts deft thumbery of the kalimba, another treat.

There's a note 'neath the GrossBaum 'Holy Ravioli' notice about donations, but no indication of the worthy cause.

Perhaps the lads' pasta fund ... perhaps a community chest pool to be divvied up for ventes all round. Who can fathom musicians and their money?

Sounds like a bonanza review occasion with many colorful photos ...

Either way, long may the coffers of Lisa and John swell for widening our horizons of pleasure.

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