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Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Seabold Aug 13

My original write-up of last Sat's Seabold starring Jennifer and David Hager was a dead loss and I killed it.

I'd not been in the best of moods and nothing came out right.

But when I got up there, I had my chance to sing - a new song and my Bainbridge Ferry song - and everyone's been so nice about it and asked me to post something , so here goes.

Well, there was Matt, of course, scooping the Fashion Maven Award du soir with his truly cool white troosers and masterly songs.

My usual obsession with sepia.

The night before at the Bagel jam I was totally out of it and couldn't think of anything to sing so I was thrumming away on some chords when I felt my shoulder gripped and a sotto voce  murmur of "Enough, Chris."

Fifteen inches to my left, it was David Denz's turn, taking time off from Crooked Mile to regale us with some dulcet melodie except that yours truly was banging away on some half-forgotten Tiny Tim-sings the best of Huddie Leadbetter chanson

On the right, Matt accompanied by the shoulder-gripping David.

dobro n thatch
Left, Dobro Hombre with a singer who's always fascinated me.

I know nothing about hairstyles but there's a certain "tousled thatch" cut that I find incredibly sexy.

dobro n T
There's a shape of glasses on a certain type of woman that makes absolute nonsense of that silly crack about men not making passes at girls who wear glasses.

This singer combines them both so the sooner I end this caption the better.

Dobro Hombre was on cracking form and totally rocked.

GeorgiaGeorgia Browne, whose voice and playing I could listen to forever.


There are certain people I look forward to seeing at Seabold. Bruce Haedt is one.

G&BBruce is one of those excellent kind who don't say much and don't need you to lay on the natter, but are just cool.

Bruce also sings such damn'd good songs

berringer n dobroRick and Dobro Hombre set the room on fire - as if it wasn't wilting hot already.

here comes the sun
If I didn't have daughters would I have been so silenced by this utterly beguiling performance? I think so.

There's something about young voices that just strips away all the day's cynicism and reminds one of what is good and charming.

Gillian Welch never sounded better, nor will I be able to listen to "Here comes the sun" in quite the same way again. Totally captivating and rarely have I heard the room go from quite such rapt silence to quite such thunderous applause.

Jennifer and David Hager, the star act of the night.

I had to leave too early but this is a couple thru whose veins music just flows.

A really nice couple who make me smile by just being in the same room.

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