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Saturday, August 13, 2005

Bagel Jam ~ August 12

Another great jam. Not a mass of players but good ones - Billy, Larry, Susan, Chele - and an appreciative crowd.

From somewhere I came up with Guthrie's 'Do Re Mi' (altho' I've never heard the composer's version) which of course I mangled in the wrong key. I also dredged up 'Yellow Bird' which has to date me.

Billy and Larry sang some great tunes which I had much difficulty playing along with because suddenly everyone's left-hand chord shapes seemed to stay exactly the same, whether fingering C, G, A and even D.

Mike Gaffney brought in his cool looking guitar, with the Bella Black Nylons I'd given him, but it was out of key so he achieved the dream we all aspire to: look cool but not actually have to play a note.

Half way thru downloading these photos I had this urge to listen to the Dusty Rose Eleven Eleven CD.

dusty rose #1Susan has the loveliest voice and I'm reckoning her mandolin is worth a packet because it sounds so great.

Billy is Billy: the Maestro

billy #1

The Maestro.

I keep meaning to ask them to sing 'Lighter side of Blue'

larry n chele larry n chele

Larry is such a hero. First thing he did was assure me that I was *not* going to be drummed out of the state by a posse of renegade luthiers.

larry n cheleHuge relief.
Now all I've got to worry about is the Phretters joining forces with the Peddyphiles ...

Not sure what he's conniving here with la bella Mamzel Flury ...

chess n boy
I captioned this 'Chess and Boy'. Pretty much captures it.

fancy focus dusty
I thought I'd do my fancy focus number here.

lisa n john
Lisa won't like this, and I wish I had a better camera to snap better pics, but for me this captures this great couple.

These guys are getting it so  right with these evenings.

Never caught his name and I wish there was better focus.

I captioned this "Canada". Good guy and sang some beaut songs

Another happy evening. Does it get any better for a guitarist?

Next stop, Second Saturday and Jennie and Dave Hager.


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