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Saturday, August 27, 2005

oprah winfrey

Oprah "Ire" Affectation*

Funeral 'snub' fury

I wish Oprah would stick to her forte, lite-weight chatter with the show-biz witty such as Tyler Perry* and stop being so grandly sensitive about herself.

I place equal blame on the Chicago Defender journo for feeling the need to eke out his column to the extent of giving ink to Ow's shock-horror absence from the John Johnson funeral.

No doubt up to her usual trick - this time in Hawaii - of rolling up late to some tourismic hotspot and demanding a special opening with full bowing and scraping for the Winfried entourage.

And talk about over-protesting. The lady was elsewhere; she sent notes and flowers. Gesture made, sincere and believable. Why overdo the histrionics by offering copies and flower receipt?

I'm sure the funeral was adequately enough attended by other Ebony-style heavy hitters for the chubby chattereene's absence not to have been *too* severely felt.

It's probably no thanks to that drat article that she came up with the idea of an emotion-wracked oprah-rah tribute to the Ebony founder.

Matched to the highly unwise intention to resurrect her Hermès whinge, the September return of her show looks set fair to be a thoroughly cringe-inducing affair.

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