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Thursday, June 23, 2005

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Equal Oprah-tunist

Typical tantrum tale of our times: Oprah Winfrey swans up to posh Parisian store Hermès 15 minutes after the store had closed for an in-house PR knees-up.

On being refused entry, the chubby chat diva throws a spoiled brat fit, naturally using her blackness to best effect rather than accept that she arrived late and the shop too had plans, other than to bow and scrape and roll out the red carpet.

Have the French even *heard* of this Châtelaine of the Twitter Couch.?

Another press account talks of Hermès staffers not recognizing her. So what,why should they? It was gone closing time and their own soirée was afoot.

Refusing to admit loss of face over failure to bully her way in, well-trained Oprah buddies are trotting out that knee-jerk scapegoat, Race.

No less predictable, a spokeswoman says that OW "will discuss her 'crash' moment when her show returns from hiatus in September." How contemptibly vain and self-centred.

Well ... that gives oprah lackeys plenty of time to build up a good head of ant-frog steam and ladle the color nonsense on with a - um - trowel. It should make for some very funny TV come September and I plan to be watching.

The reference is to Crash, the movie - rather a good one dealing with race relations - and I'm annoyed at Winfrey debasing it this way, dragging it down to her own dishonest level of reverse racism.

This is exactly the sort of thing that gives whatever it's called these days a bad name and undoes the good work of years.

Hermès is a distinguished house whose clientèle of breeding and good manners must be sighing with relief over the lucky timing that saved them rubbing shoulders with the twittering Zulu.

I trust their *own* spokesman will respond when the time is right with suitable hauteur and disdain, making it clear that madame is probably better suited purchasing her trinkets elsewhere.

Classical note: Hermes, herald of the Olympian gods, was son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades. Also, a minor patron of poetry, worshipped throughout Greece with festivals in his honor called Hermoea.

  • CJR Daily also has an opinion on this, which I ought out of honesty to include.
  • Time falling into step with the lady's PR machine, fast off the mark with a nice little diary plant in its July 4 People section, complete with arrogant bleat from Oppers to US Prez of Hermès that she'll never shop there again. Promises, promises. I trust the businessman saved his breath rather than dignify such nonsense with a reply. Next stop, her September show when she whines again and, I vow, ends up coming across an even bigger twerp.
  • In view of others' efforts to wring a racist note out of all this, let me at least quote Gawker on it being "nothing short of reprehensible when racism stands in the way of a journalist’s professional drinking duties."

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