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Thursday, August 11, 2005


You know who I feel sorry for in the approaching mayoral mélée?

The editors of the Review and Islander.

You and I will have the luxury of guffawing or rolling eyes at the more asinine spoutings and boorish behavior certain to characterize the coming election. Our hapless scribes have the thankless task of bending over backwards to appear fair and balanced to all parties.

From some of the Orwellian barnyard gruntings that have appeared within quotation marks to date, this will call on Pulitzer winning skills and tact.

Peddy sign in foregorund of police stationMeanwhile, what could be more dispiriting at the end of the day than to trudge homeward off the ferry only to be met by the unambiguous sight of a vulgar sign sprouting from the police station lawn.
peddy sign next to police station

Bainbridge Beat alerted us first and said it better, but it bears repeating ad   the nauseam   to which I'm in no doubt Jimmy Ølsen and his peddy-gog pal would have us bound:

  • What a crass impression to give visitors as they trudge past.
  • What a gullible laughing stock we must appear to others.

    As I pointed my camera at this eyesore, I was asked if I was part of the campaign team.

    No, I snapped, just a malcontent despairing over our local constabulary making it *quite* so obvious where their affiliations lie and that, come election time, they'll be voting en bloc as confirmed Peddy-philes.

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