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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Animal Adjectives

Looking up 'cervine' to describe my Bambi friend, I came across whole pub-quizzeria of splendid adjectives guaranteed  to stump smart-alecks like me who think they know.

We're used to the common ones like asinine and bovine, feline, vulpine and lupine, etc - but how about ...

  • Alligator - eusuchian
  • Armadillo - tolypeutine
  • Badger - musteline
  • Butterfly - pieridine
  • Cobra - elapine
  • Kangaroo - macropodine (I must try that on my Aussie ocker pals)
  • Mosquito - aedine or anopheline
  • Raccoon - procyonine (aha!)
  • Squirrel - sciurine
  • And so many more ... I mean what about "batrachian" for Toad?

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