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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Veni Vidi Venison

DEER2I have a new friend in the morning who's taken to visiting our strawberry patch.

My silly camera seems not to capture him in his full splendor but there's plenty of time since he seems to be making it a daily occurrence - right at the height of Madison Avenue commuter traffic so I'm thinking of applying for one of those Deer Crossing signs.

I know the precise position for it because I've watched him head back home and it's the same trail each time.

deer3 I'm not sure how my 'coon friend is going to react if their paths cross because their schedules seem mighty similar, as does Mr Reynardine's .

(I'd forgotten about Squirrel-Lover's churlish mocking comment on my glee in photographing Rocky Racoon. How very funny!)

deer face onThe routine seems to be that I rise around 0630 hours and take o-juice and fruitèd yoghurt out to the balcony and generally commune with Nature as I contemplate the day ahead.

Once I return inside to prepare my leisurely bacon 'n' eggs brek and jugs of FogLifter coffee (the luxuries imposed on the unemployed!), that  seems the signal for a general convening of four-legged friends and barnyard-type activity.

deer 5Then when he's done his noshing, as calm as anything, he walks back round to the carpark where he seems not at all concerned by the presence of folks climbing into their various transports.

He spends a few seconds inspecting the general scene and then mounts the bank that brings him to the sidewalk and the cars racing to and fro down Madison.
carparkI don't know what the effect must be on drivers for a sizeable deer to suddenly hove into view, but they've been very good so far slowing and even stopping, because of course, deer themselves have absolutely NO sense of highway etiquette or self-preservation. carpark 2

I'm thinking of a crash-course (bad choice of word) in cervine CPR for the morning I'm there when it takes on a car.

If you look very closely, just to the left of the blurred rear wing of the passing car, you can see a fawnish shape standing on the lawn as he contemplates vanishing into the greenery behind.

That is where he exits and re-enters and seems relatively oblivious to the general early morning activity.

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