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Saturday, June 18, 2005

June 17: Bagels & Beans

Bagels & Beans have hit on a winning formula.

Where else can one see local top local talent in both solo and hot ensemble?

Speaking of which, grab a copy of the June 22 Bainbridge Review and check out Dee Axelrod's excellent write up of the début jam on page A6, 'Have a little jam with your bagel' (Why can't I come up with clever headlines like that?).

Or, pull up the paper's home page and keyword search 'bagels' in Story Archives.

Great photo by Len Stern that reminds me of that classic 1950s snap looking down New York's jazz alley at the neon listings of the different clubs' offerings for the night: Bird, Monk, Miles and Dizzy, Trane, Coleman Hawkins - talk about a jazz buff's dream.

Crooked Mile incl Matthew Moeller (left of photo)One day, folks will look back on Stern's photo and marvel at all those stars in one place - one such being Crooked Mile's Matthew Moeller, whose début CD and June 25 concert sound a 'must'.

Lisa and John Williams have got it absolutely right - the best of the best in spacious congenial surroundings:

  • guitaristMusical jam every Friday, 8-11pm.
  • FREE, open to the public, anyone can sit in.
  • Genuinely friendly bunch. Bring your own instrument
  • Further info': 842-4050
  • I hope you enjoy these snaps of just one evening, June 17.

    Marvelous marvelous evening ... that photo of the quartet that heads this posting says it all: friends jamming with friends, everyone relaxed and generous.

    Le tout Bainbridge was there, everyone on top form and I know my guitar pals in the UK, Greece and Hong Kong will be jealous - not to mention those Bain-brigittes not lucky enough to have shared our soirée.

    Wonderful time, wonderful people, wonderful spacious venue.


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