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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Matt Moeller et crew


Matthew Moeller would put many British so-called folksingers to shame with his fine voice and determined fidelity to true renderings of Celtic music.

He's part of the Crooked Mile musical group whose vocal treatment of Celtic songs also keeps to faithful instrumental arrangements.

My old mate, Davy Graham, would have loved them and felt totally at home with their wide-ranging use of such instruments as the Celtic bouzouki, Irish flute and bagpipes, fiddle, bodhran, recorder, and djembe.

I *think* Matthew would emerge the winner in any contest for groan-producing puns but it'd be a close-run challenge.

I see Matt on the ferry, never without his guitar, ramrod straight and Lochinvar locks billowing in the Puget breeze.

Like many guardians of musical tradition, to strangers he can seem slightly austere and aloof, but this comes with the territory of fighting a rear-guard action against philistine strummers who care nothing for authenticity.

Once Matt sees you share his love and respect for the music, he's the soul of generosity and advice.

A rare and noble champion of music and a timeless performer who could be transported back to any century and be instantly recognized and embraced by his troubadour peers.

Stop Press: 8pm, June 25 - Don't miss Matt's celebratory concert at the Island Music Guild Hall, 10528 Valley Road, to mark completion of his début solo CD.

Refreshments served. Further info' from (360) 394-3762, or email capnmatt direct.

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