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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

July the cruelest month

  • July!
  • Seventh month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar, one of seven Gregorian months with the length of 31 days
  • Astrologically, sun in the sign of Cancer ending in Leo: sun begins in the constellation of Gemini and ends in the constellation of Cancer
  • Renamed for Julius Caesar but previously called Quintilis in Latin (fifth month in the Roman calendar which started March).
  • Also so named because for the month Caesar born.
  • Hear up, Mrs Leung - because of its origin, until the 18th century this month's name was pronounced the same way as the name "Julie".
  • In old Japanese calendar, is called fumi zuki
  • In the pagan wheel of the year July ends at or near to Lughnasadh in the northern hemisphere and Imbolc in the southern hemisphere.
  • So there.
  • I'm just a wild colonial boy so July spells good news and bad news - on the plus side, two precious birthdays - 24th and 28th.

    On the neg side, Hand back of my belovèd Hong Kong to the motherland (Jason Patton not to be confused with our last governor, the splendid Chris PattEn, whom God preserve.)

    Three days later, another little handback during which I try to keep the flag flying, so to speak.

    Speaking of which, let *me* play vainglorious overweening all-powerful blogger, and demand that my local grocer release a certain drum majorette on that most important of Mondays to do her baton twirling thang.

    My own plans vary not a jot:

  • Swathe m'self in the Union Jack, complete with bowler
  • Pimp up the château busker loo suitable for guests
  • Shove a half dozen bottles Moët in the fridge
  • Plate of thinly sliced cucumber à la Savoy etiquette manual
  • Endless loop of Mike Malloy singing 'Battle of New Orleans'
  • Privacy Issues

    OK, at the request of the lads and the lass, I've removed the photos of the "hard-driving business selling THE most delish lemonade and hotdogs ... with its master-mind entrepreneur ... and charming young lady whose freckle-specked smile will one day reduce the boys to knee-wobble."

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