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Sunday, May 22, 2005

mary kay and vili


Quite right of Chip Gibbons' wide-ranging Binary Circumstance blog not to have a category for such bizarre goings-on as the Vili-fication of the fragrant Mary Kay Letourneau.

i myself file it under 'Prurient'.

Goodness, what a to-do: coverage from as far afield as The Houston Chronicle, not to mention a barrage of email from UK pals asking what the deuce is going on that they should share their country weekend breakfasts of kippers and kedgeree with blanket coverage in the once-proud Sunday Times.

vili and mary kayActually, the lad seems to have to turned into rather a handsome brute - shades of The Rock, methinks.

Full marks to their media advisor for that lucrative deal with Entertainment Tonight.

That should set them up for a month or two, although I have no doubt we'll be plagued with coverage of this family for a good while to come.

So much for wasting my precious unemployment benefit on their wedding registry suggestion of a fondue set.

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