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Thursday, April 14, 2005

mary kay poster

Letourneau/Fualaau Nuptials

I grow worried.

As mentioned, Vili and Mary Kay are committing matrimony this very Saturday, April 16, as ever is - and *still* my engravèd invite is nowhere in sight.

I accuse Linda our beauteous USPS mail deliverer of having purloined it, but she answers with a sneer that hers and Brad's arrived weeks ago.

I also worry about her unwieldy name that the fragrant MKL is taking on - I mean, Mrs Mary Kay Letourneau-Fualaau?

Surely there's a quota in this state for how many u's and a's one can cram into name, however posh or exotic sounding?

Mary Kay is an asshole. she's a whore and a preditor. she needs to be knocked out and left in a ditch. she raped a baby in a classroom. what an asshole! i cant believe they paid the bitch over 1/2 million bucks to tell her story. now that idiot uneducated skanky kid is with her for the money, now he doesn't have to flip burgers.didn't he try to sue the school district for neglegence stating he was emotionally injured? these people need to be assasinated at worst, dumped on an island to fend at best
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