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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Exotic Nix Jinx for School

Earlier this year, I expressed tongue-in-cheek puzzlement over certain exotic names, in reply to which a banshee pal sent through some interesting data.

Boy do I now have an update for *her*. In fact, this plays so hilariously to my every incorrectitude that I looked for clues that Local6.com was playing a joke on us:

Black students with exotic names don't do as well in school as black students with more common names?

Poorly educated black women overwhelmingly give their children names that begin with certain prefixes, such as "lo," "ta" and "qua," and certain suffixes, such as "isha" and "ious."?

This is not good for me to even think might be true: surely this can't be right?

Meanwhile, I'm speeding this story over Demonessa, from whom I expect a stentorian raspberry put-down before the sun rises on the new week.

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