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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

anna in shadow

Nik Nax

Splendidly barbed (and informative) broadside from my favourite combative correspondent e-meritus, "Demonessa".

She rightly takes me to task for my feigned - and not a little offensive - bafflement over some of those dentistry-defying nomenclatures out there, for me defined by 'Doleezza Rice's firebrand handle.

Nice little Slate piece on the whole subject, silencing further oafish musings by the likes of me.

  • 20 whitest and blackest names for girls
  • 20 for the boys
  • And gosh, if only I'd thought this one up for 1,000-word article for across the water - 20 "crossover" names that might be shared. You can't invent this stuff.
  • Chix nicks

  • Rather a pedestrian list, I thought, but I love 'Deja' and 'Shanice'.
    Of course, I'd freedom fry the former with a brace of accents - Déjà - and Italianise the latter into a pouting "Sha-neechay".
  • But what a great idea to plunder Larousse. Think of the possibilities: BienQue, Dautant, Apray, Alors, Zut ... et tout ça.
  • Blokes

    Much more promising

    Excellent link. Great fun.

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