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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Safeway Noticeboard

I feel like a Safeway intranet service announcement.

I have some D-I-Y stuff to sell and thought the Safeway notice board was a sure fire medium to shift it. The problem was that when I actually looked for it on the usual wall - just inside the main doors to the right - it was gone.

Thrice I asked where it might have moved and each time received a different reply:

  • What notice board?
  • Oh yeh, it got moved when we refitted ... er ... well not really *moved* ... we don' t have it any more
  • No, you must be thinking of some other branch.
  • OK, so it's just as much my fault for not spotting it - Lord knows how many lattes I've glugged inches away from the panel - but I don't actually work there ...

    Guys ~ you *do* have a notice board. It's by your food tables on the wall by the coffee paraphernalia.

    Indeed, it now boasts a For-Sale notice from yours truly, occupying an eyecatching position but one which will not please the vendor of the Yamaha bike whose own advert it somewhat obscures.

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