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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

CH and his mom

Hong Kong Sketchbook

Well, talk about privileged readers.

You've got an exclusive showing of early Marjorie Holmes from the privatest of *family* collections - forget the stuff that goes on show in bespoke galleries in Hong Kong, Athens and London. That's for the riff-raff. This here is stuff no one thought would be seen outside the family.

Having said that, I have but a cheapo camera *and* I fiddled with the color as a result of which most subtlety and warmth of the originals is gone. If mama *ever* sees them presented this way, it will be a thick ear for #1 son and to bed without supper

Chinese Village Girl

Well, here's a cheeky little girl in Hong Kong's New Territories, probably caught Mom's eye and was then asked to stand still awhile as mom did a lightning sketch.

Look at that expression, so natural and sprightly. Probably a bit embarrassed, being laughed at by her pals.

Probably dates back 40 years, so this anonymous little pixie is almost certainly a gnarled hag today, but captured forever here, young and carefree forever.

Nuisance about the poor coloring.

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