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Sunday, November 28, 2004


Blood-red titling for this one, methinks ...

So, the Bulger story has legs. My intemperate blogs passim (Feb 22, April 25, May 14) were not off-beam.

Clever Denise Fergus tracing the murderer Thompson. Can Venables be far behind? And big up that anonymous "well-wisher". I always *knew* some right-minded soul would tip the wink one day. Mind you, I was also convinced the 'Net would deliver the goods a lot sooner, so a bit of a let-down there. Let's hope the bloodthirsty feeding frenzy certain to follow will make up for lost time.

Gadzooks, look at those lovely links - with newshounds of this pedigree on their trail, killers Venables and Thompson's days of anonymity could be numbered.

I rather assumed that Fleet Street had tabs on T and V from the start but simply not gone into print for footling legal reasons. Now that the the pack will be playing catch-up, we should see some action.I assume by now the two Bulger pulverisers are comparing gently perspiring notes: this has the signs of a made-for-TV romp with the ashen-faced villains scrambling hither and thither as Fleet Street's finest close in with their usual velvet-gloved bedside manner.

Again, bravo Denise's persistence, and ^5 that stalwart informant (even if it was those NoW blackguards themselves.)

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