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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Swimming Pool - what happened?

Always liked Charlotte Rampling - as a Sixties icon vedette she was the ultra-sexy classy bird with the grey eyes and hooded lids who took the kinky parts.

Enjoyed Ozon's Swimming Pool with CR the older lady and Ludivine Sagnier perfect as the spectacularly bosomed and generally balls-tightening minx.

But what the hell did it mean? At the end, wha' the hell had happened?

As a post-script, we are clearly entering the years when major babes of yesteryear are now the older women: Jamie Lee Curtis in "Freaky Friday" as Ms Lohan's mom having to mouth the words "I'm the crypt keeper!" and here in 'Pool', the easy-rutting Mademoiselle Sagnier suggesting that La Rampling was a dried husk who'd never fooled around.

I age.

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