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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

telegraph piece on CS

Customer Service

Are you being served?

Oh lawd - this would have set my Little Miss Commentating Whistleblower in a tizzy of excitement ... probably exactly what she wrote in for in the first place.

We're a bit out of touch here in the Greek isles but a media savvy pal drew my attention to a copy of the Daily Telegraph where they cover customer service and actually ask for examples from true life.

"As good customer service in Britain is put on hold, the Telegraph identifies the serial offenders who make our lives a misery and asks to hear readers’ horror stories.

Your call is important to us …

  • Every Telegraph reader will have their own horror stories to tell.
  • We are inviting you to submit chapter-and-verse examples ... service so atrocious, so slipshod, so insensitive to your needs, that it left you shaking with fury."
  • Oh my goodness ... what a clarion call this might have been to spell out our (now resolved) 2-year Barclays debarclay débâcle as hinted at here.

    I must keep this on file for passing on to others as a promising outlet for woes.

    I'm almost sorry we have no further grounds for complaint,

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