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Saturday, April 15, 2006

pool 2002


I always love these before and after shots.

I snapped the family pool a few years back in full July glory, just waiting for bronzed babes to dive in and cleave the chlorine with glistening lotion-ised bodies.
pool awaiting cleaning

Now I'm resident here and in charge of mundane affairs such as the emptying and cleaning and upgrade of filters (see below)

Roll on summer proper when everything'll be done and ready to rock.

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT: Come to think of it, I ought now to dump good old 'Busker' and switch over to something more summery and Aegean.

I shall think up some sensible title as befits my new lotus-eating life - Basker, perchance - and have a grand opening announcement and ceremonial trashing of the minstrel blog.

Aw, I'll miss London. But the weather has to be nicer in Corfu. We're getting ready for second week of Farmer's Market. David's coffee sold out the first week! This week we're roasting decafes as well as the last of the Harar Horse Lot #30 and El Pacamaral, the El Salvador Cup of Excellence
Well, I like thinking of you in a warm sunny clime, but I too will miss pics and depictions of London life. Took me right back to DeWalden Street. -Elise Wright
Thanks, Elise! I'm in fact trying to post some final pics taken in london but am having difficulty wrestling with the greek dial-up, plus i am in total and suicidal confusion having been lured into working in the garden which i utterly loathe and fear for the sheer knackering nadir futility of the hateful exercise. Surely, if ever money were to have it a good name, it's as the means to pay some wretch to perform these rural contortions? Seriously, it is time and temper taxing and I dread this exploring of how long it'll take me bending over some weed, or whatever it involves, before i strap the tools to me (by way of finger-pointing explanatory suicide note) and swinging myself from a stout cypress branch nearest to wherever i'd been weak enough to be duped into "toiling".
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