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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

"The Party for White People"

What *is* this country coming to?

Hoot of the month *has* to be the British National Party's selection of the colourful sounding Sharif Abdel Gawad to fight a seat in next month's local elections.

"Totally assimilated Greek-Armenian", indeed ... no wonder there's a backlash among BNP hardliners who describe Mr Gawad as an "ethnic". Is that some kind of new insult?

Formerly the National Front, the BNP always struck me as made up of hardliners by its very nature. I mean, what is one to make of a website that asks,

"Can you just sit there and watch as our country is being ripped apart by the forces of multiculturalism?"

Actually, that's not a particularly good quote because it includes the dreaded "M" word that sets even my teeth on edge and a vein throbbing in the temple.

But you get my drift. It sounds like an ingenious April 1st Monty Python spoof:

BNP "modernisers" after making the party more acceptable and more mainstream, when we all know that, for most BNP members, race is the bottom line.

Surge in support: But watch out: a recent poll backs up the employment minister's warning that white working-class families feel so neglected by the Government and angered by immigration that they're deserting Labour and flocking to the BNP.

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