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Friday, April 07, 2006

News of the World reporter and fake sheikh, Mazher Mahmood

Ma'zhur Mu'ckmood

Tabloid ferret

Bainbridge readers won't have a clue about whom I write but, now I'm back in the UK, I can indulge in a little vermin goading.

I have no brief for the flashy George Galloway and his ludicrous "Respect" movement, but I despise even more the gutter ghetto school of reptile reporting, of which News of the Screws' 'Sheikh' Mah'moud is poster child.

A duty *and* a pleasure, therefore, to lean a puny shoulder to the wheel and do what one can to spoil the rodent poseur's pitch.

Alas, no danger of his downfall or sudden unemployment, thanks to the greed and vanity of MM's "victims". But it must help a *bit* to post even hazy shots of the swarthy George Best-lookalike.

^5 to Galloway for lining him in his sights.

  • More the Merrier: Jon Choo has his heart in the right place, running helpful pics of the shadowy Muckmood
  • Daily Torygraph runs useful background for fair play feigners, as opposed to rats like me who just want to dish MM some of his own medicine.
  • Galloway's line is that he decided to expose Mu'kh-mood after the scribbler's "covert attempt to trick him into discreditable conduct during a dinner at the Dorchester Hotel ... " Whatever, to use a ghastly Americanism. Who even cares?
  • Where there's Muck~m'oud, there's Brass Knuckles: Cheery note from Mahmood about the release of photos possibly posing "a risk to his well-being".

    Naturally, one wishes safety for his family, but the reptile fakir's own hide is, surely, fair game after the years of slimed exposés?

  • Paul Linford good in his way, albeit sans pictures which rather misses the point of outing our tea-toweled tattle-tale.
  • Reliable Beeb mucks in.
  • Guido Fawkes alert as ever.
  • Blogs that link: Further reading to maintain momentum and keep the faith.

    Addendum: a Brit reader suggests that if I'm read in foreign parts, I might include samples of the putrid nature of Mu'q'moud's employers.

    Good point. I'm just sorry that the current issue catches it on a slow news day and hence in reserved and tasteful mode.

    Prince Harry and the Boobs: At least you get an idea of the imaginations at work in bringing the rag to press - all those soi-disant insider quotes about what Harry and his bird are meant to have come up with verbatim.

    All manufactured, of course, as even lowliest readers know full well: not even a cockroach in Buckingham Palace's deepest pantry would give such bog bumpf the time of day, let alone pass on any "quote".

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