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Monday, April 10, 2006

knightsbridge corner

London Jaunt

Waiting to change dollars and pounds into Euros, I stepped out of the corner bourse and was struck by the beauty of the Burberry building, so typical of this part of London.
pink cab in motcombPink Cab

The route to the Waitrose supermarket is a civilised stroll across Cadogan Gardens, for which residents on all 4 sides have access keys.

This diagonal view looks back and across Cadogan Place to Sloane Street.

I'm still 20 years out of date when it comes to cabs, and expect them to be a sober black. I thought I'd kill 2 birds and see if I could include this splodgy pink cab as it whisked by.long view across cadogan place

Cadogan Place

A clearer view of Cadogan Gardens/Place and its setting. Look at how broad the road is.

Oakley House where I'm staying is approximately between the Parking sign and the tree to its left.

Gun shop

Also en route to the shops, like something out of a John Buchan novel, Ray Ward's emporium ('Gunsmith to the gentry') absolutely fascinates me. I make sure to drag my heels as I go by so as to peer in at the posh types buying their fowling pieces.

The staff are impeccably dressed and there's one sprightly young thing who is just *too* gorgeous for words.

Each time I've watched her thru the glass, she seems in complete control of the customer's needs, deftly handling the weaponry and giving crisp replies.

If only I had the right gear, I'd look up convincing questions on the web and saunter in posing as landowner back from the New World to claim my baronial hall inheritance.

Natch, I am in need of a brace of Purdeys before the start of grouse season.

She'd rumble me, of course, but what a wonderful route to humiliation.

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