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Sunday, April 16, 2006



I was bunching the post all in one but decided to give Dad his own.

Mum and George tidying the grave, mum arranging the flowers we'd picked.

George lighting the candle and reassuring us the grave stone was cleaned with soap and water and *no* abrasives.

garden and viewWhen we got back, the garden and view and general temperature were just perfect.

Felt a twinge that Dad - who'd worked so hard for that paradise house and Eden view - wasn't with us to share it.

A brace of ouzos, and such unmanly melancholy soon passed.

Lost my day, a.k.a. Uncles 1, 45 years ago - three weeks ago. My mum reminded me. As you know from the post, I'm still grieving. I guess it never really goes away.
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