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Thursday, April 27, 2006



Skipped the country.
The name changes will clearly never end.
Holed out in Greece, I've been thru various name choices:

  • Gouvian
  • Botanophobe
  • Anything to hint at a violent apathy towards yardwork and the treadmill futility, the flauracatory positions and peony servitude involved in this whole business. Alas, nothing came to mind of sufficient violence and loathing. (Incidentally, what a lot of splendid sites there are out there on the subject of plant loathery)
  • I'll settle for something more Ionian Phaeakonian and see how things go from there. Mind you, come the revolution, what a crazy paving over there'll be, a flattening and battening and razing and blazing and scorching and torching.
    Verily, secateurs will be hammered back into scimitars, leaf-blowers back to friendly flame-throwers; peat will disappear 'neath concrete and every plant and weed that needed bending and tending will be blasted from the heath and friendly paving stones dumped atop with powerful chemicals flowing in the cracks and veins.

    Will your readers be able to post comments on your new site soon?
    i thought they already could. yet more technical incompetence on my part that Kris C will have to help me out with.

    Actually, it's rather peaceful without them. I can't remember any that contributed hugely to the original gibberings, so perhaps the answer is No.

    I'll see after my first noon-day ouzo; the milk of human kindness tends to flow fuller with some hooch in my veins and a decent cig twixt lips.
    well, i've checked and as far as i can see, folks have always been able to post comments on 'gouvia', same as 'busker'.

    but don't rush to append witty n biting notes just because of *that*.
    Hullo Busker,
    What make is that guitar you are holding in your photo?
    Are you really a busker? My boyfriend is a busker and he says you dont write like one.
    Sorry if this is too many questions. Peace. Sarah
    Hi Sarah: It's 2K's worth of a Taylor 412-CE; Sitka Spruce with touch of ovangkol.
    Of course I write like a busker. The more I read other al fresco strummers, the more buskerial I realise I am. Send me yr bloke's blog URL and I'll wade in and comment.
    Be good. C
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