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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Brain Train

knew  my daily sudoku sessions were doing some good.

All the papers over here carry various levels, and commuter buses and trains are silent as we bend to our tasks.

Thanks to Anon for the cool link.

Dis-donc! 24 hrs later, Elise writes in. What nice readers I have, and don't deserve, being such a sulky jerk m'self.

Mwah mwah, Elise - super pointer to the Wash Post, and a damn'd useful paper to have in my Favourites anyway  ... keep me informed once I'm consigned to my garden shed in the wilds of Greece (off to where I'm jetting in precisely 10 hours).

Here is a good online sudoku site : http://www.misterfast.com/uk/free-sudoku-puzzles.html
Nice game
V cool. Thanks. Twice.

I was going thru my gmail spam file and deleting and and sundry n this just happened to catch my eye ... so i wonder how many other decent anon comments i've dumped?

everyone will have given up on me by now: "man! he gets back to the UK and suddenly our comments aren't worth posting no more. hrrmph."
www.WashingtonPost.com also has a cool daily puzzle. Look for it in the tiny horizontal band mid-page. Includes Mini & Maxi versions with a notation system for narrowing your choices. -Elise
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