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Monday, April 03, 2006


I finally  get netted up in the london apartment next friday, so i ought to send belkin54g-user an invite to come round for nosh and champagne by way of thanks for all the free rides i've enjoyed off his/her unsecured wireless.

in fact, i'll be wired even sooner since i've just heard my poor mum has gone into hospital for some heart murmur thing, which means i'll need to advance plans and scrap others and head straight out to Greece to bd with her.

so that's it, the final reductio ad absurdam.

in no time at all i'll be bending over some drat plot of land, spade or hoe or some other grisly implement in hand ... the ultimate resting ground of all plans and ambitions.

ah well ... it's been a good run in parts.

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