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Thursday, March 23, 2006


He's out there ... never got to say my farewells to that Lion of the Night Crew but anyone with such a scary site will stay in my heart forever.

Could take 19 years and the wedding of his daughter (bra-a-ve  groom), but I've not been so incompetent in life not to have collected that sort of pal one can count on a ring finger.

I could meet A and J again and take up right there from the handshake hug.

Sure, stuff will've happened, but the core appreciation didn't rest on time or present chatter.

One of the strong guys.

I look forward to jerking folks over here out of their complacency by flashing his impudent page around.

PS: Reckon he'd better adjust his ref to me now being an ex- ex-pat, back in the bosom of, and more of a curmudgeon than ever before ....

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