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Monday, March 20, 2006

march 20: 1730hrs

no use chatting up birds here: they all talk some slavic lingo and just giggle.

taxis: v alert to one's hailing and v good at getting u places fast. of course one has to tip but what the heck.

yo - have placed new pics in flickr. check em out

now my stuff is here am dressing proper - scruffy jeans, BI ferry timetable t-shirt and Mariners cap. was in elevator (lift, to me) this morn and it stopped at 2ne floor and in bounded fit cove in jogging gear. we exchanged curt greets and continued in silence, til he observed, "say, that's a mariner cap. you ever *been* to seattle?" i nodded.

"Spent a few months there." "cool, we should get together. I'm from Portland, ya know? Oregon?" I nod.

"A little south, as i recall"

Really! a few yards down the road and people claim some acquaintance.

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