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Friday, March 10, 2006

insecure wi fi - online

who needs b'band with wi fi around?

in london 58 hrs, amazing. must post fotos and add captions later.

seattle-chicago-LHR flight interrupted by ailing fart going ill over the atlantic n needing turning back to newfoundland to unload. hitherto silent blond hottie neighbor turned chattie etc.

*3* separate parties on touch down. groan.

next day walked round old haunts n got quite weepy. bad emotional exercise. went back to where i lived 1965-1980, where i walked home each day, usually having affected some content in nat newspaper, radio or TV. walked same streets and observed todays young masters/maitresses of the universe. the old are invisible, not a glance. but i was glancing everywhere and all the confident striding laffing dudes were ME. talk about a lesson in time passing.

luverly london.

smoking : believe nothing about wimpo anti smokes ruling. all cool places have ashtrays n the best pubs have large signs in window about air filters etc and smoking totally ok.

more anon ...

Hey boss, or as they say on the great sub, "yaar," I need an email address for you.

Glad London is fun, wish I were there - like I was sposed to be.

And wouldn't you know it, Dylan is playing Cork in June...
Ah cigs, gotta love europe. But what about your new coffee shop!?!
since i had the wrong email address, i need to channel Kris to insert her own comment:
"Ah cigs, gotta love europe. But what about your new coffee shop!?!"

reply: cigs bloody expensive - £5 per pack - and ive not chosen a coffee shop coz theyre all full of brits trying to glug lattes like americans.
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