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Thursday, March 23, 2006


I was about to express dismay over the shamelessly incorrect mockery by the Brit media of the fey and limp-wristed.

When I left these shores, one hardly heard a whisper against the ginger ensemble; on my return, I need only turn on a random TV or radio show to hear viciously accurate parodies of their braying and silly vocab.

But lo! As i type, the splendid Brian Sewell is pronouncing on some movie about which he couldn't possibly have the faintest. What an accent! I yearn to speak with such precise vowelage and arch disdain for anything relating to the sordid 'real' world.

But no, as I say - homo-sexualists are clearly the prey du jour and the management turn a blind eye to cruel mimicry with all the saffron gestures.

Paulina O'Grady (postings passim ) may not be the subtlest parodist of these hapless wretches but he hogs the prime-time listings.

If the TV moguls wanted to play fair, they'd shove a gay into the flop-wristed Apprentice-UK and let the unconvincing Mr Sugar loose on him with his Trump-lite rumblings.

Honestly, the American ex-pats in this country prepared to waste time turning up for these TV shows wipe the floor with their tongue-tied hosts.

What is it, I wonder, about normally bright Brit media babblers that saps their savvy to drooling ineptly at the merest glint of perfect American teeth and a twangy accent?

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