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Monday, February 20, 2006

album 1964

Wingèd Chariot

Dept of Tempora Mores

Nothing like a good spring clean to root out one's roots:

Over there, top right, Busker's first album snap (Summer 1964)

Balliol freshers Left: Balliol freshers, 1965.

(Third row back; ninth from left; 'Y' shaped bib, just over the dusky Kwabe M'boto's left shoulder)

Below, circa 1996, La Famille Buskère, Bainbridge Isle. L-r, Busker with Spitfire; maman matriarch; brother et wife; elder daughter.

family busker n harry Right, August 2000: Busker feeding trusty grizzled Lurcher hound, Harry.

(Guitar picker pls note 20-year-old auburn-hued Ovation (left) and $2K Taylor.)

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