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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


All this bavardage about those blasphemous September doodlings - blimey!.

But it's a devil of a job tracking down what exactly we're indignant about.

Doff of the cap to Andrew Sullivan's excellent Daily Dishings with its thoughtful inclusion of cartoons about cartoons.

I particularly wanted to see the one - presumably of The Prophet himself - alerting everyone that stocks are low on those prize virgins.

Come to think about it, didn't some linguist decide that it was a mistranslation and that what the kamikaze lads are actually in line for is a bunch juicy olives?

I definitely recall something along those lines, but thinking what a smart move to tweak it to the slightly more tempting prospect of the Fair Sex.

Feb 8 update: I don't know if Reuters and I are talking about the same  ballyhoo, or if a new bunch have got in on the act, but it seems that French publishers Charlie-Hebdo have now reproduced the blasphemies that Jyllands-Posten are getting all the stick for - and very vigorous stick it seems, too, if the milling and mobbing on TV are anything to go by.

They *say* a picture is worth a bunch of words, but it's a dickens of a job tracking down the culprit graphics - such as this latest gaffe  by Hebdo which is said to have depicted Mohammed burying his face in his hands with an, 'It's hard to be loved by fools' " (which I'm not sure I actually *get*.)

Mustafa Shag: Meanwhile, good old Ann Summers seems to be treading a far more dangerous path with her sex doll than any sketching Dane.

Channeling the Anger: What with London getting in on the act, Ms Summers may care to reconsider her cheeky move - or transfer stocks to her Egypt branch where protests seem more muted.

Anyway, 'tout sert', as the dictionnaire has it for "all grist to the mill".

Addendum: Et voila! Rooting around in the Seattle Times, I came across what looks to be the whole contentious list

Good comment: Nota bene the peppery but accurate chiding in commentary 提供優良徵信社查詢,為您找到最專業的徵信服務

all cartoons

Hey, everyone - me speaking.

Since I first posted this, back in feb '06, most of the links are defunct so ... sorry. they were rather good and hard-sought.

just enjoy the acerbic writing and, of course, the witty hieroglyphics from my Anonymous Pearl of the Orient.
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