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Friday, February 10, 2006

Phooey to Foiled Foe Ploy

I'm only a member of the UK Special Forces Club in London thanks to my dad's war time rôle in BAAG, but even a squit like me is hearing queries of the Gnome's claim to have thwarted an attack on some LA skyscraper - Liberty Tower, Library Tower ... all names seem the same to GW.

It'll come out in the wash, but what's dangerous for the Hobgoblin is to go for short-term preening without first checking with those who were monitoring the scene in the first place.

Hell hath no leakage like spooks undermined.

Look forward to more disgruntled leaks from the ferrets in place.

Given the traditional distance and rivalries between our respective security services, if there's rumbling in the Brit camp, gawd knows what the American secretives know and will now spill.

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