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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Peddy File: In anticipation

Dang that Ølsen knows his PR: Sold his guv'nor's technique to them DC dudes:

Feb 20 Time mag's excellent Blogwatch not only points me to some excellent new blogs worth monitoring but reports how:

"So-called citizen journalists bagged another trophy last week when THE SCIENTIFIC ACTIVIST discovered that NASA public-affairs aide George Deutsch--accused of trying to muzzle agency scientists on the issue of global warming--had never graduated from Texas A&M University, a detail the 24-year-old presidential appointee later explained away by saying his résumé had been written in anticipation of a degree [My darkening].

"After he resigned, THIS BLOG TITLE FOR SALE praised the sleuthing as "proof that blog journalism is real."

Meanwhile, THE VELVET BLOG pondered updating his own résumé "in anticipation of graduating from Harvard and running a Fortune 500 company."

heady stuff indeed and thx for the shoutout. in all honesty i was just doing my best jeff jarvis impersonation for my audience which does not generally read his stuff. but i am all about this seismic shift in our notion of mass media, and it's a great thing to witness. cheers!
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