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Monday, February 20, 2006


I know.

One can Hire a Teen (BYS office, 842-9675) for the donkey work, but far more effective (if gruelling) is to recruit a daughter.

They bring admirable qualities to the task:

  • They positively *bustle* - speedier than the camera's lens can capture.
  • They know one's dithering ways, and bully.

  • They recognize what you're packing and what you're ditching:
    • "Dad! You're not dumping this?"
    • "I'm not?"
    • "Da-a-d!"
    • "OK, add it to the package."

  • "You never wore this - junk it."

  • They multi-task with the blurred speed of summer lightning.

  • They can *fold*

  • They can pack

    ("Don't chuck those pillow cases: I can use them to put the paintings in")

  • They think ahead: "Pay attention - I'm splitting your camera stuff between boxes so the Customs don't think they're new."

  • They *really* think ahead:

    "Dad, you're like sending your passport  sea-mail?"

But they do expect some readies.

Totally worth it.

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